Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aidilfitri 2012

Holla~! Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin everyone! (:

I hope everyone is doing great and not getting fat like me, cause I ate a lot! oh damn a lot during raya!!! So I only have two issues here. Which one will be the sad issue and another one is happy. For the sad one is... I am no more receiving a lot of duit raya. As I'm getting older and have some of my relatives thought of I'm getting married dah nanti. What the hell right. Haha the happy one is, I managed to be so happy. This year is actually my first time raya w/o him sebenarnya... but its okay! I'm happy living this way.. :))

Glad I'm having my friends over here who has never failed to cheer me up. IM LUCKY! :D 

Below are some pictures that I managed to upload. These pictures are actually taken at Syafiq Danial's house in Melaka yesterday. Such a good and awesome foods his mother served. Thanks SYAFIQ!!!!

I hope you guys enjoy viewing! :B

I bet you can clearly see my smiles don't you? I thank Allah for that. I  am actually getting tired of being fooled. If you can't give your commitment on me then don't dare to make promises. I don't date a liar nor a loser. I'm good without you and I bet you're fine without me too.

Oh I shall stop now. I can't wait for my big bro's wedding tomorrow. I hope everything will go smoothly. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 Getting fat =p
 First time applied a red lipstick :D
On my Birthday :p

Hi everyone! Its been awhile huh since last I updated something?

Miss me don't you? :D

Nothing much I will update on here just wanna share my happiness which you guys out there might think I am  now will be much more skinnier than before because I'm sad over the one that I used to loved back then you are absolutely wrong. Boo-youh!

My life has becoming much more better. Thank God for all of these awesome memories. I wasn't realized that I'm actually gaining more weight. Due to the high volume of laughter I produce everyday. LOL


Yugaiz must be wondering who is my current boy kan? Obviously not a poser, not a loser. ANYMORE! Lol I've had enough. Its Ramadhan and it closer to it ends dah.. Raya for this year will be much more meaningful to me as again I'll be with my amazing and wonderful supporters which are my family, friends and HIM <3 :=":" p="p">

Currently, I'm busy with my studies and BNYV. I know some of you are wondering what is BNYV kan. It stands for Barisan Nasional Youth Volunteer. Yes I am a volunteer right now. In case if anyone out there happen to do not know what is volunteer is then let me explain. Volunteer means someone who is willing to do something without  payment. I actually explain to those Opposition's supporters. IM TIRED OF THE QUESTION OF 'YOU GET PAID FOR THIS?' 'KJ BAYAR KAN?' Hell again, NO. I mean it ok. I'm happy with what I've decided. At least I can contribute something for Malaysia and for this I take charge and make a difference. 

Well actually, I just got back from Kelantan yesterday which I went there for some charity activities with BNYV. Distributed hampers to the villagers, home repair and get down to the real politics where I meet the real voters and hear their voices and compliments. To Dato Seri Mustapa Mohamed TokPa, thousands of thanks for sharing your experience and time to be shared with me and the others volunteers. It is such an awesome memory ever I had in Jeli Kelantan, Thank you TOKPA!!!

 In Kelantan, visit one of the villagers who is sick after had an accident.

At perkampungan Orang Asli Sungai Rual Kelantan
 BNYV cupcakes!
 Inside BNYV's official bus! Heading to Perak! 
 Received free durians from the villagers that we visited.
 Just arrived at the Pondok Moden Jeli Kelantan
 Low Volume Night preparation at Blues HQ
 BNYV workshop at PWTC
 My partner for the day!
 MY KJ <33333333 p="p">

My team!

Come and join me with BNYV team! :)) I bet you wont regret! :DDD 

 Thanks YB KJ! 

And ok this is my current hobby with my housemates!


 And this is a new wall picture at my hall cool kan? 

So lets end this post as I know Ive uploaded a lot of pictures. Alhamdulillah for all of these... IM BLESSED!

Selamat Hari Raya everyone! :)


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tanjung Jara Trip

Hi guys!

I have noticed that I am quite slow on updating my blog thesedays. I must say that it might be because of the problem of my laptop. So basically I'm using my Ipad to update which it has made me out of idea looking at this touch screen gadget. Haha Oh Anyway, I love apple's app you know, editing photos and everything has becoming more easier for me. Mama promised to buy me a macbook soon as my laptop is so going to be my adik's haha..

My internship is doing well you see. I'm having fun doing my internship here. No word could describe how bless I am to be here. Last2 week, I joined a trip went to Tanjung Jara for 3 days 2 nights. It was beyond awesome. Met those amazing people. I still keeping these feelings blissfully around my head. This is when I met someone who has drastically made my mind forgets about my last love. I'm thankful to God cause I've finally realized that I deserve better. I didn't say that I am now with the one that has changed me but it just that I've finally recovered. Alhamdulillah.. This trip will remain as a sweetest memory ever in life (=
Tasik Kenyir
Village Style Evening Tanjung Jara Resort
Awesome ride with 911
Room 1204 Tanjung Jara Resort & Spa

Carera Turbo S

Tried on different kind of foods. I finally got to feel like a racer after sitting in one of the fastest cars. 230KM/H WAS BEYOND AMAZING YOU KNOW. Been in a sport car has always become my dream and it seems like my dream has come true. I'll for sure buy one in the future. LOL!

The most that i will never forget is the night after the BBQ night. Which is the 2nd day I'm in Tanjung Jara, I've never felt as free as the day I lay down by the beach. Talk like there's no tomorrow with quality people around me. We talked like we've known each other for years while we just met for hours. Hahaha It started when one of them asked about the BBQ night and yea.. we walked and talked along the sea.. and that is how it starts. The next day (last day) I went back with them and on the way back one of the tyre punctured and we almost got into an accident =( Alhamdulillah everything is still under control. Reach KL about 10pm. Oh anyway, I bet that I'm so gonna miss this moment. Where we sang together while drove back to KL. We talked like a bestfriend. Hahaha Yeaaa I had fun.

I'm happy with my healthy life you see.